Long time ago in order to make a record for the radio or a longplay, one had to perform a music track from the beginning to the end. As good as possible, of course. This required very strong psychological approach, technical excellence and excellent repertoire preparation.

Currently, recordings for phonographic companies are made using very advanced technology. Digital audio processing is already the standard. This technology makes it possible to glue the recordings together in such a way that the final result is amazing. The human ears are not adapted to such a cheat.

"Live" recordings happen very often, but after they have been made there is usually a long post-production period. What does it mean? This means that sound engineers manipulate stream of zeros and ones until the desired result is achieved. But is it still true music? Personally I prefer to go to a concert, because of the emotions. Stream of zeros and ones is not able to preserve such thing. Well, unless we start recording it digitally....