Information Technology

I still remember the day when the first computer appeared at my home. It was Atari 800XL. A real revolution at home. 64Kb of operating memory was enough to play games, write Basic programs, melodies, learn the machine code. Today, many young people would laugh at such equipment. Not to mention the tape recorder, which was used to load programs to Atari.... So is there anything to regret?

There are two types of computer science. The micro and the macro. The micro has not lost its brilliance and is still using bits to control various functions. 64 Kilobytes of memory is still enough to do a lot of things. I love micro computing. It is a magnificent and immense world of possibilities of the size of a nail.

Macro computing, on the other hand, is a train that drives faster and faster in the direction of.... well, in what direction? No one is worried about the amount of RAM nowadays, if there is no disk space available it can be enlarged in a few seconds. The size of programs is constantly growing and the empty text editor file has several Kilobytes of size. What is this about?