About me

I was born in the first half of the seventies. In my early childhood I experienced a very interesting event, which had a huge impact on me. I have not yet been able to determine the exact date. Whether it was a famous signal received in 1977 or something else, I don't know. But I can certainly say that "we are not alone". [Non Science-Fiction]

At the age of six I started to learn the piano and after just three years of education I won a national competition for young pianists and the first prize. For many years of perfecting my pianistic skills, my interests also focused on medicine, computer science, electronics, physics and broadly understood interests in scientific and technical subjects. For many years I have been subscribing to and reading the magazine "Bajtek" and "Young Technician".

Thanks to my artistic career I have visited many places in the world. I performed solo recitals , chamber music and with orchestras. From the first class of primary school for several seasons I sailed Great Masurian Lakes in summer. During my first sailing season I gained my family's skipper license by independently sailing through Lake ƚniardwy at a fairly strong wind.

As a teenager I was fascinated by scuba-diving. Thanks to that I met many handsome representatives of freshwater fish and countless domestic lakes in Kashubia and Masuria, often diving exclusively with just basic equipment and compressed air tanks. With heavy steel double P-22 type tank set and "Cayman" regulator I covered many kilometers on foot to dive into small lakes and hard-to-reach water reservoirs. Often risking my own life, I dived alone to a depth of over thirty meters. Both day and night.

Several decades have passed since the first computer appeared in my house. However, Atari 800 XL still evokes powerful emotions in me today, especially its external tape recorder, which was used to record and play back programs and games. As the technology of personal computers progressed, I gained knowledge and experience in programming and configuring computer hardware.
At the end of my internship at an IT company, which I did during my last year of studies at the Academy of Music, I wrote a harmless computer virus in Assembler and installed it in the office on a 386 with DOS. It was programmed for a specific date to display summer holiday greetings.

Today, in my IT dossier I have many smaller and larger projects and experience from quite a few places in the world. For many years my hobby focuses on designing hardware solutions and developing software. I love bytes and kilobytes. Gigabytes and petabytes are something I try to avoid.