SO6AGJ - radio amateur homepage

I am passionate about computer science and electronics, although my official education is artistic. My amateur radio license was isseud a few years ago, however the list of my QSOs is very short. Instead of being on the air most of the time I prefer to design hardware, make PCBs and develop software for it at home. I have many years of experience in software development and project management. Unfortunately, the dynamic and rapid development of technology often does not translate into the standard of living on our planet. So what is technological progress and who does it serve the most? I write about my impressions on these pages.


It has been a long time since the invention of the transistor. Unfortunately, humanity has so far failed to come up with something better. Nowadays, electronic systems contain billions of transistors, yet they are not able to operate fully independently and intelligently....

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Information Technology

Once upon a time the world was delighted and satisfied with 64 kilobytes of operating memory. At present, a clean text document produced by the software of a well-known company requires roughly more than 64 kilobytes of text.... So wasn't there any logical error made in development?

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Music is one of the sources of true joy and happiness for me. I am thinking here of the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Ravel, etc., and so on. But does the use of computers and software for editing digitally recorded sound really help?

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The development of science is the driving force behind the development of our civilization. Faster and smaller processors, nanotechnological methods of solving and creating problems are becoming more and more perfect and smaller. However, contemporary physics for many decades still presents itself as a constantly growing set of unanswered questions. Why?

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